LogoSexHysteria.com is a blog dedicated to highlighting and discussing social attitudes, governmental policies, and news items relating to sex and nudity in western society.

SexHysteria is not affiliated with any advocacy group, does not condone violence or coercion, nor is it tolerant of child sex abuse.

This blogger takes the simple position that adults should be allowed to choose where, when, with whom, and under what circumstances they have sex without fear of social persecution or criminal prosecution.

There is certainly exploitation in the commercial sex trades, but much of that exploitation is generated and encouraged by the laws that force sex trades to operate in the lawless underground. Laws that criminalize consensual sex between adults are destructive in much the same way that the war on drugs is an order of magnitude more harmful than the drugs themselves. When it comes to exploitation associated with consensual interactions between adults, there is no greater perpetrator than the monstrous industry whose mission it is to create and enforce laws that chain people to a single set of politically or religiously motivated moral fictions.

SexHysteria opposes censorship based on the assertion that merely seeing or hearing something causes harm from which a person should be protected by government. Violent video games don’t turn people into killers, porn doesn’t turn people into rapists, and child porn doesn’t turn people into child rapists.

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